Our story is simple yet quite wonderful. On a winter evening in 2017, the concept of ISTORI was born out of our extensive and varied careers as film professionals. We felt it was finally time to apply our vast experience to one of our wildest dreams, converting people’s unique stories into sound and image. We had an urge to go deep, to touch true, authentic human experiences every day. Our ambition was to launch an underdeveloped sector of Quebec’s film industry: making autobiographical documentaries. We want to produce a documentary about your life, because ISTORI has a very specific focus, helping you tell your story and anchoring it in the memory of current and future generations as a gift to your descendants.

Ultimately, ISTORI’s roots lie in your stories and those of thousands of others.


There is no doubt in our minds that you have a wonderful, unique story to tell, one just waiting to be told as a reminiscence that will remain rooted in our society’s collective memory. We will make that story into a film, your film, to unveil facets of your life experience that deserve to be known, to show where you come from and how you became the person you are today. Let your loved ones know what you want them to remember about you, as you tell them what is closest to your heart. Leave family and friends who survive you a unique, timeless inheritance: your personal history, achievements, values and vision, brought to the screen in the most touching way.

By giving a piece of yourself in an autobiographical documentary, you will leave behind traces of what truly matters, what you have built over a lifetime. And you just might set the tone for the stories that follow yours.


Who are our clients?


People like you who want to

  • Tell their story in sound and images.
  • Pass on their experiences to their children, grandchildren and beyond.
  • Create an intimate, confidential legacy for their loved ones.
  • Bequeath a little of themselves, their values and their vision as a memorial.
  • Compile the highlights of their life in a film.

ISTORI will sit in the director’s chair to carefully oversee this very meaningful project. We turn your story into a film, your film. The documentary of your life, imbued with your thoughts and feelings, will fully reflect who you are, in your own words, tone and image.

Companies and communities:

Those seeking to…

  • Share the history of the business they created and nurtured over the years.
  • Document the history of their town, village or neighbourhood as community heritage.
  • Tell the story of a festival or event.
  • Preserve a tradition or trade for posterity before it is lost.

ISTORI helps you honour and immortalize your values, identity and culture by producing a film that will anchor your story forever in time.


From our initial meeting until the end of this great adventure, our team will display great flexibility and provide personalized assistance to ensure that the production of your film results in a fruitful collaboration.

During filming, our team will perform with speed and discretion to set everything up, and will quietly blend into the background when it comes time to disappear.

It is of utmost importance to us that you take pleasure in being where you are, and can calmly deliver the chosen parts of your dialogue in full confidentiality.

Benoit Perriau

President – Producer

Benoit is our guiding light. A true leader driven by creativity. Recognized for knowing how to surround himself with the best in the industry, Benoit has accumulated thirty-five years of experience as a producer in the advertising and television industry.

He has travelled the world and travelled across Quebec to film hundreds of commercials. The goal? Always the same: to draw from the human soul, channel the creative talent of exceptional collaborators and produce effective, powerful and memorable films.

In 2017, Benoit chose to get closer to the hearts of people to get them to tell their story, making their narrative a film, their film. The film they would never have thought of.

He creates Istori.



Shawie is the cornerstone of our team. He has 26 years' experience working with images and words, graduating from editor to director, to art director and on to creative director. Twenty-six years working with the talent and passion of creative people with whom he took part in the launch of specialized TV channels and participated very actively in the construction of their image and their great notoriety.

Shawie is a man of truth who has always sought to make a difference in people's lives. In this sense, Istori is close to his heart.

The passing of time makes us realize the value of life and, for Shawie, helping people tell their story is certainly an opportunity to enrich his own.


What matters most to us is giving you an outstanding, memorable and fulfilling experience while making your film. We provide the expertise and support you need to delve into your memories at your own pace for the sheer joy of it, to uncover what will become your legacy.


1. First things first

In exploratory meetings—as often and as many as you feel necessary—we gradually draw up the list of topics you want to cover and group them into themes.

The appropriate format and tone for your film will gradually emerge, as we select the supporting characters, choose the settings, and secure access to your personal or public records.

If you wish to include certain people or places in your film, we can even conduct some research for you to find special people or locate beloved places from your childhood or career, to document the milestones in your life.

2. The storyboard

Your film begins to take shape.

With the information gathered during our preliminary meetings, our director will develop a proposed synopsis, showing the planned outline for your film. This lets everyone involved double check that the production goals meet your expectations.

3. Budget and production schedule

We present you with a proposed timeline and detailed production budget for filming and post-production, for your approval.

4. Filming

Filming of interviews begins with an onscreen discussion between the narrator (that’s you!) and our director, in a calm, welcoming setting. You determine the length and frequency of these interviews in advance. We also film any other interviews you request, as well as places, buildings and objects you have selected to illustrate your story.

5. Post-production

This step includes:

  • Audio-video editing
  • Video capture or transfer of archives
  • Graphic design
  • Voice-over recording (if required)
  • Addition of original or archived music
  • Sound mixing

6. Delivery

We deliver your film in a personalized case along with the number of additional copies you have requested. We also return all original material gathered during filming as well as all the archives you have entrusted to us.

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